Visualization is an essential part of the Manifestation process. Some people have difficulty doing mind visualization. They say they cannot see a picture in their mind. If that is the situation for you, then concentrate more on imagining the sounds, the smells, the feel of the situation. Imagine yourself with your desire fulfilled. In your imagination touch your fulfilled  desire, if appropriate. It is the emotions you are feeling that raise your vibrations to attract your desire.




Step one is to decide what you want to manifest: an object such as a car or a house; a loving relationship; improved personal attributes; increased monthly income; a physical or emotional healing. All things are possible.




Step two is to sit quietly, relax, breath deeply and visualize the outcome of   your desires. See yourself in the future enjoying the situation where your desire is fulfilled.


Then experience your visualization as if it has happened and you already have what you desire. What are you feeling? What emotions are coming up for you? Are you happy, joyful,  bubbling, loving, blissful? Hold that thought, keep visualizing and experience what that feels like. Stay in that feeling as long as it feels right.


They are your feelings, your emotions, plus your thoughts and mind visualizations that create and manifest your desires. Thoughts start the process but it is your emotions that kick start the actual manifestation. That is when your subconscious sends the”order” out to the universe.




Step three  You surrender your desire/requisition to the universe for it to fulfill. You let it go believing and knowing  it will be fulfilled.


It is important that you think of your desire as a wish – not a need. If you project a need, your thoughts are focusing on thinking you lack something. And whatever your thoughts focus on is what you will receive more of. For example, if you are spending your time thinking of what you lack , you will continue to experience that. If you keep complaining about your lack of a special, loving relationship – guess what – that is what you will continue to experience. If you concentrate your thoughts on abundance in all areas of your life, then that is what you will receive.


With your thoughts and your emotions you create your life!


Remember, it is your feelings and your emotions, as you experience having your desire fulfilled, that are the vital ingredients in the manifestation process.

piles of paper money

Manifesting Money Now

You must be in that state where you feel like you already have it. You are experiencing it as if it was already there for you.


That is the secret!    Visualize using all your senses and instill deep emotion into the experience. Hold the feeling for 68 seconds to give it power. Weird, but it seems to need that length of time.

It is very important you believe your desire will come to you.


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