There are many, many benefits to regular meditation. Meditation helps clear your mind of muddling thoughts. It calms you, your body and your thinking and can even cure many stress related illnesses. Most of the diseases people suffer from are stress related.  

Boy Meditating

Photo by Clodius Maximus

Daily meditation will give you sharper, more alert thinking and better concentration. It improves your concentration, your organization and your efficiency. After meditating in the morning you find your day going more smoothly.


True meditation is the practice of deep relaxation, clearing your scattered, random thoughts and going into your inner silence. If healing is needed, once you feel your deep connection, a guided meditation script can be used to direct one’s energy and  focus to the affected area or condition. Then use visualization to see the desired healthy outcome, plus affirmations to reinforce the strngth of your desire and your emotions.


Meditation can improve one’s health. Studies have shown meditation can lower stress levels, blood pressure, reduce or eliminate some pain, and help a meditator have a better, more refreshing sleep.


On a personal and emotional level, meditation gives greater emotional balance, increased self control and more self confidence. Obviously this can improve one’s personal and business relationships and the relationship with one’s self.

Woman in Meditation

Our Thoughts = Power


Regular meditation is often done as a spiritual practice and it is very peaceful. However, as you can see, there are many more benefits that can also be achieved. Do yourself a favor and discover the delights of meditation.

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