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Many people, when they are trying to achieve a goal or attain an achievement, rely on reason and procedure to attain what they are seeking. This method may work for straightforward, unimaginative tasks, like repairing an engine, or for minor actions such as routine daily choices. But when dealing with major problems that arise in life, this approach can disturb a person’s inner peace and balance – and stifle intuition.

Guidance of Intuition

Our Potential


Intuition is one of the most powerful mental tools at your disposal, and it is vital to allow it free reign if you wish to achieve the results you want in life.


People tend to distrust intuition, viewing it as being somehow inferior to a clear checklist of steps or a detailed analysis. It is this very distrust that you must work against and conquer if you are to achieve the full potential that your intuition offers to you.


The mind is very powerful, and when it is allowed to work in its own way, without being cramped by preconceived demands or expectations of how it should arrive at a solution, it can produce many results that surprise us. This freedom from a rigid, narrow set of expectations – and the fruitful spiritual dialogue it produces within you between you and your mind’s hidden potential – is what we know as intuition.


The secret to making the best use of your intuition is to let your feelings and instincts guide you – to listen to the inner feeling that you should follow one course and not another. You need to be flexible in order to gain the full empowerment benefits of your intuition.


You may think that you are moving yourself closer to your goals by keeping one objective firmly in sight, or by demanding that your goal be reached in only one way. But you are actually preventing the free play of your intuition and trying to force reality to match a preconceived idea. Flowing with your inner feelings, altering plans as you feels is right. It is this “feeling good” method that will let you reach a goal even more satisfying and attainable than the one you wer

Our Power

We Are Powerful

e stressing to try to force into reality, against your own intuitive doubts and feelings.


You have goals and wishes hidden deep in your mind which you cannot achieve with a regimented, point-by-point plan, but whose fulfillment will give you more life satisfaction than all the contrived, non-intuitive goals and concerns you may have cluttering your perspective.


You need to clear away these societal-driven desires, accept a clear, serene view of your reality, develop your intuition, then let your instincts guide you to your destination.


You may not know clearly what that destination is when you begin the journey, but if you let the “inner voice” of your intuition direct your choices, and do what seems right and natural to do, rather than what you think you “ought” to do, then you will arrive at results that will transform your life for the better and let you achieve true inner peace. Intuition is the process of going with the flow – attuning yourself to the world around you in an understanding way, rather than a pushy way. And taking advantage of the opportunities that this relationship will open for you in ways that you never imagined.


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