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How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

The whole universe – which includes each one of us, of course – is composed of energy. The universal energy of the law of attraction responds to your thoughts and emotions (which are vibrating energy) to bring to you more of what you are focusing on.
What are you thinking and feeling!? Are you feeling happy, having happy thoughts and emotions? Or are you thinking and feeling unhappy thoughts and having low vibrating emotions such as anger or depression?


The L of A does not judge or control you. It simply provides you with more of what you are focusing on – good, bad or indifferent. By controlling your thoughts and feelings about what you desire, it will bring your desires into your reality. This can work for you in all areas of your life – your work, relationships, financial situation. You can create your life as you desire it to be.
meditation-Man Sunset50%However, controlling your thoughts and emotions is not easy to do when you are just starting out on this path. This is where meditation can assist you. (download my free guide about learning how to meditate). The main purpose of meditation is to clear your mind of thoughts. This is done by focusing on something – a special word or phrase (a mantra), a flame, a painting. Then get to a place where your mind has stopped its parade of thoughts… peace.


After your 15 to 20 minute meditation, visualize your desires. Imagine you already have your desires in your life. What are you feeling? The vibrations of your emotions are the important factors here. Hold these emotions for at least a little over a minute to impress the law of attraction that these experiences are important to you.


Some people find having a vision board helps them visualize more clearly. Others simply refer to a written list. And others use a program called Mind Movies to bring their desires into their visualization on a daily basis.
It is important to put the above practice into your daily ritual. Start with a small desire and work up as you see your results and build your confidence in the process.  Be patient with yourself.

One of the programs  I highly recommend is Manifestation Miracle. I purchased it and it is excellent. Here is a self help quiz to start.



Secret Law of Attraction – Manifesting

Quantum energy physicists have discovered that our whole universe is composed of vibrating energy. Things that appear solid and feel solid to us – including our own bodies – are vibrating at a low vibration. However, our thoughts vibrate at higher vibration and are pure energy.

If our thoughts are happy and joyful, they vibrate at high vibrations. Angry and negative thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency. With low vibrating thoughts/vibrations we attract low vibration experiences – not happy ones. Since our thoughts attract to us what we are thinking about, then to receive what we desire we need to feel happy and vibrate at a higher frequency. If we want to be manifesting money now, we need to be using visualization techniques to build up the vibration, the feeling and excitement of having money now.

In her book “Cosmic Wealth Manifestation” Zoey Knightley clearly explains the scientific basis for how the universal energy responds to our thoughts. We are composed of vibrating energy and our.  thoughts and feelings are also energy. She gives a plan and a formula for us to follow to attract the energy of the universe to bring us our desires. In her program she outlines a procedure which we must follow to place our order with the universe. It includes visualization techniques to keep our desires in our thoughts and especially our feelings and follow up actions…

Keep in mind, we get positive results (our desires) when we emanate positive thoughts and emotions which have high vibration. With negative (low vibration) thoughts and emotions, we bring unwanted negative experiences into our life.

In an easy to understand manner, Zoey shows us how to work with the Law of Attraction. This is not religion or woo-woo stuff, this is a scientific look at how the universe works and how we can work with it to enjoy the life we desire to be living.

Whether you are wanting a fantastic loving relationship, a life filled with abundance, a healthy body, a beautiful home, exciting fun vacations – whatever! I recommend you get this program “Cosmic Ordering Secrets” and live your dream life.

Excellent!! Secrets manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

Quantum Manifestion Techniques

Creating My Future Reality

I don’t know about you but my mind is really boggling at trying to comprehend and internalize the information coming to us from the quantum physicists. They tell us that the whole universe is composed of vibrating energy – including us. And the only reason we can touch “solid” things is because they are vibrating at a very slow speed. We are told that our thoughts are dynamic energy waves that go out into the world and create our reality. What we think becomes what we see as our reality. If we learn to control our thoughts we can control our reality as our life unfolds. WOW!Couple on beach.

Ah, how to control our thoughts

I did go to university but “Controlling Your Thoughts 101” was not on the curriculum. I do meditate every day but there are mornings when my mind gets on a concern and plays out a conversation – again and again – and I can’t get it to stop. At those times I just have to give up and plan to meditate later in the day.

Learning To Control Our Thoughts

So how does one go about learning to control our thoughts? I have written down what I desire my future life and circumstances to look like. Now I need to visualize my future life and, very important, feel the emotions I will be feeling as I am experiencing that life…strong, positive, high-vibrating emotions. It is best to do this several times a day.

pileof money2smallAccording to the Abraham-Hicks instructions, each visualizing-emotionalizing session should last at least 68 seconds to have the impact that tells the universal potential energy what I am thinking of and what I wish to co-create with it.

For more information about manifesting your desires, I recommend 

Manifest Miracles. Heather and Mark give great information.

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How about you? Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them.






Law of Attraction and Quantum Theory

Quantum Manifestation Techniques

How These Two “Laws” Work Together

These two “laws” are very similar; in fact Quantum Theory actually explains how the law of attraction works. Quantum physicists have determined that our universe is entirely composed of vibrating energy, atoms or strands, or simply vibrating nothingness with infinite potential.

woman thinking

Our Thoughts = Power


Our thoughts, both individual and collective, create what appears to us to be our reality. Anything that we think of is created from this vibrating potential energy. Even our bodies and our furniture, cars, etc. are composed of vibrating energy. The rate of vibration controls what the object is that has been created and what we see and feel. Our thoughts create our reality.


Years ago when I first began reading and studying about the Law of Attraction, I found the idea that my thoughts could be important in what was happening in my life, was difficult to understand. My thoughts!! How can they have any power?


Now that I understand that it’s the vibrations of my thoughts that are affecting what happens in my world, I began to understand the importance of my thoughts in creating my life. However, to accept that my whole body is made up of vibrating thingees – and so is my desk, etc., etc., is truly mind boggling.


I read somewhere, but can’t remember where, the answer to the question: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there does it still make a sound?” The answer given was: “If there is no one there, there wouldn’t be a forest”. The reason being that there would be no vibrating thoughts of a forest for it to be there. No creative vibrations.



Our Potential

So to simplify all this for my mind, I accept that everything is made up of vibrating energy and what appears to be empty space is really vibrating energy with great potential, energy that is waiting for thought waves of energy to create something. It has the potential to create whatever someone (like me or you) has the inspiration to think of, with strong vibrating emotions.


Our thoughts – with strong belief –

can move mountains and stop wars.


Our thoughts create our reality, be it good, bad or indifferent, and each of us is our own creator for our own reality. The happy ending thought to this is: we can control our thoughts. It takes practice and focus but it can be done and each of us can be our own deliberate creator.

Now that’s POWER!

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Hilary Stewardson, Administrator

Law of Attracting Money

Six Ways To Turn Desires Into Gold by Napoleon Hill

Law Of Attracting Money

The method by which desire for riches can be transformed into its financial equivalent consists of six definite, practical steps:

First: fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say, “I want plenty of money.”

Second: determine exactly what you will give in return for the money you want.

Third: establish a definite date when you plan to have the money.

Desires - Gold

Desires – Gold

Fourth: create a definite plan for carrying out your desire for this money.

Fifth: write out a clear and defined statement of the amount of money you want, what you will give for it and when you plan to get it.

Sixth: read your statement twice – once in the morning and once in the evening before going to sleep and visualize you have the money in your possession. See it clearly in your mind as if you already have it. Then allow it to come to you.

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Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Mind over matter is a topic which has been debated endlessly, both by those who believe in its effectiveness and in those skeptical of its benefits or reality. The fact that we cannot, for example, change the color of a shirt simply by thinking about it, is taken as proof that the mind cannot affect the world around us. But those who take such a simplistic view are missing the point – that the power of mind can indeed be harnessed to change our circumstances, our actions, and our inner energy to bring about the effects we desire, as long as we approach this phenomenon in the right way. Positive visualization can attune us to the achievements that we want, and attract the things that we need most.  The Law of Attraction is a principle that has both a spiritual and scientific basis.


Visualization is central to attracting the things you want or need – it is the root of all attraction, and given the power of the mind to change your reality, it is important to understand how this amazing force works, so that you can begin to use it effectively to realize your dreams. It is crucial to not only visualize, but to visualize well – to purge your thoughts thoroughly of the negative visualization that is blocking your way to gaining the things you want, and focus on the positive to unleash the creative energies that will bring you to your goals.


Negative visualization is especially insidious because it can slip into our thoughts unnoticed. Indeed, it is the natural response to setbacks and disappointments – these negative events naturally trigger negative emotions. These negative emotions, in turn, chain your mental powers and limit your perspective, keeping you focused on the failure rather than moving on to a new success. Recognizing negative visualization and replacing it with positive visualization allows you to cleanse your mind of these damaging energies, and at the same time reverse them to bring them closer to the good things that you want in your life.


As an example, consider that you have tried to start a small business, and failed. Your natural response is to think “this is horrible – I put all this work into my business, all this time and energy, but it still failed.” But this is exactly what you must guard against – you are continuing to visualize your failure, and by doing so you are giving that negative event power over your thoughts and spiritual energy – the sure way to ensure that you remain locked inside that failure rather than breaking free.


Fortunately, these negative responses can be turned on their heads and transformed into positive, affirming visualizations that will ultimately let you realize your aims. This is a dynamic process that will refresh you and let you turn your setbacks into springboards for greater success.


Positive visualization is a powerful, affirming tool that will energize your actions. Everything in the universe is defined by having an opposite – light and darkness, love and hate, warmth and cold. So, when you find yourself visualizing negatively, train your mind to think of the opposite, and visualize positively instead.


Think of the thing you want and your conscious and subconscious mind will begin to bubble over with inspiration on how to reach your destination. Be confident in your ability to find a way to achieve your desire, without tying yourself to a specific way, and push all doubt out of your mind.


Keep the positive image of your desire’s fulfillment clearly at the center of your thoughts. Push away any thoughts of lacking this desired thing or situation (since you would be then visualizing the lack) – and follow your instincts on what you should do next to bring yourself closer to your goal. 


Positive visualization will increase your mental energies, guide you to the best course of action to take (which may well not be the most obvious), and let you make use of all the power of the universal laws of attraction to attain your wishes successfully. The sooner you begin believe in yourself and focus on the positive, the sooner you will begin attract what you want to yourself.


For a great program for manifesting your desires, check out Manifestation Miracle.


Hilary Stewardson

Spiritual Jujitsu

Oriental fighting techniquesare famous throughout the world, but at first glance, they might appear to have little reference to positive visualization, the achievement of inner peace, or other spiritual practices. But behind the martial art known as jujitsu, there is a philosophical principle which can be used effectively both in everyday life, and in the transformative effects which freeing our mental powers can bring to our lives and destinies.

Jujitsu is, literally, the “art of softness” – a strange name for a combat technique, but also important for understanding its unique approach and the source of its effectiveness. “Softness” is also defined as “yielding” – that is, flowing with your opponent’s moves rather than opposing them, and ultimately using his own energy to defeat him. Opposing force to force can result in the combatant’s injury, while using your own force to exaggerate your opponent’s maneuver can unbalance him, place him at a great disadvantage, or even defeat him. This is the material effect of the jujitsu philosophy. However, it also applies to techniques of releasing our mental energy from its usual constraints so that it guides us to the goal we desire.

We often find ourselves in the midst of circumstances that seem to be thwarting our plans at every turn – we are unable to get ahead, our plans are foiled by simple lack of resources, or circumstances change so that something we were hoping to do or gain suddenly seems to move out of reach. In these situations, circumstances and events themselves have become our opponents, and the natural reaction is to oppose force to force – to try to carry on with our plan exactly as we had intended to begin with, forcing our way through or over any obstacles that have arisen, and becoming angrier and more frustrated as we fail to move closer to our goals despite all our striving.

In this case, though, you are often bringing your mental energy into direct conflict with the mental energy of other people. These are people you usually do not know, and who have no idea that their actions are feeding back into your life and blocking your plans. Indeed, they are usually being washed along on a tide of circumstance themselves, and are in much the same situation you are. But if you try to “push back” against the push of these larger events, you will waste your mental energy in conflict. Conflict is always negative, and negative energy weakens your ability to visualize, stay focused, and find the best way towards your goal.

However, if you apply jujitsu philosophy to your situation, you can see that when circumstance becomes your opponent, you must yield – but shape your yielding in such a way that it will work to your advantage and let you triumph in the end.

Remember that your goal never changes, and circumstances cannot change it. The only thing that changes is the road by which you reach your goal. If you stop fighting circumstance, attune your mental powers to it, accept it, and understand it, then you will begin to master it. Flow with circumstance, rather than against it, and you will begin to instinctively recognize the opportunities that arise along the way for you to change the direction of the ‘flow’ of events in which you are involved. Keep your goal clearly in mind, have every faith that you will reach it, and use your mental energies untiringly, positively, and alertly to find the crucial turning points that will allow you to use circumstances to your advantage – exactly as a jujitsu master uses his enemy’s strength to attain his own victory.