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Subconscious Mind Visualization

We tend to think of our consciousness as the thoughts we think in our brain that is enclosed in our skull within our physical body. However, recent experiments have blown that idea. Experiments were conducted taking a scraping of cells from a subject’s inner cheek and transporting them away from the subject. Then polygraph and EEG equipment were set up to test both subject and the now-separate cells. The subject was then given emotional stimuli.


The results were amazing. The cells responded with instant and identical results – even when the subject and the cells were 300 miles apart. We are much more than physical beings. Our consciousness extends much further than we ever thought. In fact, scientists have not yet determined how far we do extend our influence.


Our thoughts and emotions affect our own bodies.

We may make ourselves sick but we can also make ourselves well, healthy and happy using our positive thoughts and emotions. Other experiments have demonstrated that our thoughts coupled with emotions can effect plants. We are all connected through our consciousness.


Remote Viewing

Now we are learning that through what is called “remote viewing” we can influence another person. Here the person performing this technique must focus their thoughts and strong emotions while visualizing the person they wish to influence, whether it is to assist that person to better health or simply to get the person to call them on the telephone. This takes some practice. It is important to caution practitioners that the intent must be positive. The intent and emotion circle back to the practitioner and the intent is a shared one. What you send out comes back to you.


It would appear that everything is connected through the universal consciousness and distance is not a factor.The exciting concept behind all this is that we really create our own lives.


Meditation Techniques

One method for connecting with the universal consciousness is through meditation. To receive a free report on “Meditation Guide for Beginners” just enter you first name and email address in the form at the top right of this page.

Hilary Stewardson, Administrator