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Guided Meditation Scripts

When you are just learning how to meditate, a guided meditation script can help you to relax and go deeper into your meditation. As you become more experienced you will want to go deeper into the  silence of your inner being, connect with your soul, your essence. Meditation Techniques


There are audio recordings of guided visualization scripts that you can put on and listen to. Also there are guided meditation scripts you can read to yourself as you relax. For the written ones, it is better if you read and record these, then listen to the script in your own voice. Then you can close your eyes and relax more completely than if you are reading the script to yourself. Plus hearing the script spoken  in your own voice has a greater impact on your subconscious.


Most guided meditation scripts initially focus on relaxation and visualization. Part of the relaxation process generally includes observing and controlling your breathing. Slowly breathing deeply into your abdomen and chest, holding for a count and then slowly breathing out. This has an immediate calming effect on your body and your mind.
Following the initial relaxation induction, the script may have you visualize being in a pleasant situation of beauty in nature. This will deepen your relaxation. Or the script may have you preparing your personal inner meditation room where you can go to meditate and seek your inner guidance. Mentor Aid


The script may be one that has the specific purpose to manifest better health, increased income, a loving relationship, losing weight, better concentration…and so on. As mentioned above there are guided meditation scrips for anxiety and stress.


It is important that you determine what result you are seeking from your meditations. Take some time to contemplate what you want to change in your life.  

To make all this much easier I highly recommend the program “Manifestation Miracle“. I have found PotentialHeather’s explanations, meditations and techniques to be amazing in achieving peace and abundance in all areas of one’s life. 





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Abundance and Prosperity

Nearly everyone, except for perhaps a few new lottery winners and billionaires, wants more money, prompted by a wide variety of reasons. Whether motivated by the longing for a more comfortable life, the ability to pay off medical bills or mortgages, a wish to contribute to a charity or start a business, most people desire more abundance and prosperity than they seem to be able to get. Having more money helps people handle stress and live a more fulfilling more abundant existence in various ways. One of the best ways to obtain more money is also one of the most neglected – money visualization.




Money often seems like a slippery, elusive goal that teases us by remaining just beyond our grasp. The secret to gaining more money is, of course, to be found within ourselves – in learning how to make use of the marvelous capabilities of our own minds. You have the potential to attract more money to yourself through the power of money visualization, and by removing the inner barriers that are standing in the way of gaining the greater prosperity you desire.


You must learn to reshape your way of thinking and living if you want to begin attracting money to you. Attracting money is not simply a matter of wishing for the money or pursuing a step-by-step, cut-and-dried plan. It is achieved by shifting the pattern of your mental energy, training yourself to think the thoughts and make the choices that will bring you the money you desire.


To attract money, the first necessity is to take positive action. Turn to your interests for inspiration – and once you have your inspiration, pursue it vigorously. Avoid thinking of your action in terms of profit and loss, or even primarily as a money-making measure. This type of thinking will stifle your creativity, waste your mental energy on pointless worry over whether your plan will succeed, and cramp your ability to ‘think outside the box.’


piles of paper money



Focus on your interest and the way to make this interest into an appealing product or service for other people. Let your inspiration expand without the deadening straitjacket of setting the objective – money – first. Explore the possibilities of your inspiration with gusto, and you will discover that it will profit you far more than a dry, mechanical plan for which you have no enthusiasm. If the project is one that energizes you, or makes you feel hopeful and eager to continue, then you only need to rely on your own creativity as

the guide to realizing your dreams.

Dr.Robert Anthony describes this more fully. Click the banner “The Secret of Deliberate Creation” to hear what he has to say.


make money

Manifesting Money


Negative opinions about money or money-making must also be vigorously expelled from your mind. If you feel guilty about making money – or even just wanting money – these feelings will undermine your self-confidence, blight your inspirations, and weaken the energy that should be directed towards reaching out to take the opportunities all around you. Giving these gnawing doubts any place in your thinking is sure to blunt your mental focus, driving money away from you. You will subconsciously shun money and sabotage your own efforts without realizing it.


The best way to banish these negative emotions from your mind is to focus on the positive side of the abundance and prosperity you are going to attract. Visualize the good you can do with that extra money. Even if you only wish to improve your own standard of living, you will be buying things to do so, and those purchases will be going to help support other people and other businesses.


Money visualization is about harnessing the positive energy of your mind in the ways that will attract money to you – and to stop you from thinking and acting in a way that will drive money away. Dr.Robert Anthony can help you to do this. Click the link below to find out more about how to create your life as you want it to be….. 

The Secret of Deliberate Creation



Hilary Stewardson, Administrator

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