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Finding a Soulmate

Finding a true soulmate with whom to share your life is one of the most fulfilling spiritual experiences that a human being can hope to gain, perhaps equaled only by the achievement of complete enlightenment. Having a kindred soul with whom to share the events of life, who will stand at your side regardless of the situation, who understands and values you for who you are, is a feeling that is worth more than any material treasure. It may seem mysterious how some people manage to find such a soulmate – a near-impossibility, a victory in some lottery of love. However, the proper attunement of mental energy is a highly effective way to find your soul mate – the one you long for – and this you can achieve.

Find Your Soulmate

Find Your Soulmate

The first step towards finding your soul mate begins, naturally enough,within your own soul. You must make yourself the kind of person who will attract a soul mate to them. This does not mean that you are obliged to change yourself completely – an impossible task in any case. You are who you are, fundamentally, and you do not need to transform yourself into a completely new person, or adhere to some predetermined pattern, in order to find your soul mate.


What you need to do is to achieve inner harmony – to focus on your positive attributes, work at strengthening them, and cleanse your spirit of negative influences and energy. In a sense, you are using the power of visualization on yourself.


Visualize yourself at your best, and then follow what your intuition tells you is the way to reach this visualization. In this way, you will move towards being your best in a way that is natural to you, and that fits seamlessly with your own unique soul. This way, you will be certain to succeed, since you are following your natural inclinations, and not trying to force yourself into a preconceived mold.


Once you have begun the process of visualizing your best, and moving towards this condition by following what your innate knowledge prompts you to do, you can begin the outward search for your soulmate as well. Knowing that you are building on the most positive parts of your personality will give you confidence; you will begin to send out an energy which will communicate your nature to people who are also on the same spiritual and emotional ‘wavelength.’

Loving Couple

Loving Couple


You will have made yourself attractive, not in the sense of overwhelming beauty or fast-talking wit, but in the sense that you are now projecting the very qualities that you need to find in another person in order for them to be your soulmate. Those who possess these same qualities will sense this energy in you, as you will sense it in them, and you will be drawn together by this rapport.


You need to be mindful as well that the process of finding a soul mate is one of visualization and intuition, not a rigid, immovable plan. You cannot tell yourself that you will or must find this special person in a specific period of time, in a certain place, or in a certain way. If you do so, you will be confining the very energy and inner knowledge that will guide you to success, preventing it from helping you to reach your ultimate goal – to find your mate to be at your side, with whom to share life and its varied wonders.


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