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Healing Visualization

Your mind is a powerful force. A healing visualization can produce miraculous results.

If you become aware that your body is not feeling or performing at its best or you feel pain, then you know your body is sending you a message.ย  Something is out of balance.ย  It is important to consult all avenues for healing: traditional medical advice and diagnosis; possibly a second opinion; alternative medical diagnosis; seek spiritual and emotional therapy where indicated.

However, one of the most important persons to listen to is you. In your meditation ask if your body or your inner self is sending you a message. Ask your mind- heart if there is a message. Then listen and trust your intuition. If there is a message, ask what the message is.

You may be surprised at the answer you receive. It may be the answer is something you already knew consciously but were pushing it aside as not important. For example, a message saying you are pushing yourself too hard at your work or your play.

Or the answer may refer to an emotional problem or memory which you had buried and that memory is now resurfacing in your subconscious. There is no pill to relieve this. You would be advised to seek the assistance of a person proficient in the techniques of hypnosis, NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) or psychotherapy to help you uncover the event in your past that is causing your present trauma. The event can then be re-framed and rendered non-traumatizing for you.

Whether the problem is presenting itself physically or emotionally, visualization can be a great help in alleviating the discomfort, pain or anxiety. In many cases visualization can assist the body and spirit to cure itself. However, do not ignore the advice of traditional medicine but utilize visualization to complement it.

Your mind is powerful and your intuition is wise. Use them both.

When performing your healing visualization, relax deeply and go within to your essence. If you have pain, breath deeply and focus loving energy to that area. Keep taking deep in-breaths and with each out-breath, breath out the negative energy which is creating the problem. Visualize this process.

Relax more completely with each out-breath. Ask your inner self if there is something more you can do to assist the healing. An answer may or may not come. Continue your breathing and visualizing process for the time you have allotted.

If the dis-ease is general then use the same technique as above in your healing visualization but send the loving energy to the whole body. You can vary this by focusing on your chakraas. Visualize each chakra separately, seeing its energy vortex, beginning with the base chakra and going upwards in the body to the final crown chakra. Send loving and rejuvenating energy to each one, with particular focus on the heart and middle eye chakras.

Along with your visualizations it helps to work with experts who can assist you to achieve good health.

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