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How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

The whole universe – which includes each one of us, of course – is composed of energy. The universal energy of the law of attraction responds to your thoughts and emotions (which are vibrating energy) to bring to you more of what you are focusing on.
What are you thinking and feeling!? Are you feeling happy, having happy thoughts and emotions? Or are you thinking and feeling unhappy thoughts and having low vibrating emotions such as anger or depression?


The L of A does not judge or control you. It simply provides you with more of what you are focusing on – good, bad or indifferent. By controlling your thoughts and feelings about what you desire, it will bring your desires into your reality. This can work for you in all areas of your life – your work, relationships, financial situation. You can create your life as you desire it to be.
meditation-Man Sunset50%However, controlling your thoughts and emotions is not easy to do when you are just starting out on this path. This is where meditation can assist you. (download my free guide about learning how to meditate). The main purpose of meditation is to clear your mind of thoughts. This is done by focusing on something – a special word or phrase (a mantra), a flame, a painting. Then get to a place where your mind has stopped its parade of thoughts… peace.


After your 15 to 20 minute meditation, visualize your desires. Imagine you already have your desires in your life. What are you feeling? The vibrations of your emotions are the important factors here. Hold these emotions for at least a little over a minute to impress the law of attraction that these experiences are important to you.


Some people find having a vision board helps them visualize more clearly. Others simply refer to a written list. And others use a program called Mind Movies to bring their desires into their visualization on a daily basis.
It is important to put the above practice into your daily ritual. Start with a small desire and work up as you see your results and build your confidence in the process.  Be patient with yourself.

One of the programs  I highly recommend is Manifestation Miracle. I purchased it and it is excellent. Here is a self help quiz to start.



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