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Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Mind over matter is a topic which has been debated endlessly, both by those who believe in its effectiveness and in those skeptical of its benefits or reality. The fact that we cannot, for example, change the color of a shirt simply by thinking about it, is taken as proof that the mind cannot affect the world around us. But those who take such a simplistic view are missing the point – that the power of mind can indeed be harnessed to change our circumstances, our actions, and our inner energy to bring about the effects we desire, as long as we approach this phenomenon in the right way. Positive visualization can attune us to the achievements that we want, and attract the things that we need most.  The Law of Attraction is a principle that has both a spiritual and scientific basis.


Visualization is central to attracting the things you want or need – it is the root of all attraction, and given the power of the mind to change your reality, it is important to understand how this amazing force works, so that you can begin to use it effectively to realize your dreams. It is crucial to not only visualize, but to visualize well – to purge your thoughts thoroughly of the negative visualization that is blocking your way to gaining the things you want, and focus on the positive to unleash the creative energies that will bring you to your goals.


Negative visualization is especially insidious because it can slip into our thoughts unnoticed. Indeed, it is the natural response to setbacks and disappointments – these negative events naturally trigger negative emotions. These negative emotions, in turn, chain your mental powers and limit your perspective, keeping you focused on the failure rather than moving on to a new success. Recognizing negative visualization and replacing it with positive visualization allows you to cleanse your mind of these damaging energies, and at the same time reverse them to bring them closer to the good things that you want in your life.


As an example, consider that you have tried to start a small business, and failed. Your natural response is to think “this is horrible – I put all this work into my business, all this time and energy, but it still failed.” But this is exactly what you must guard against – you are continuing to visualize your failure, and by doing so you are giving that negative event power over your thoughts and spiritual energy – the sure way to ensure that you remain locked inside that failure rather than breaking free.


Fortunately, these negative responses can be turned on their heads and transformed into positive, affirming visualizations that will ultimately let you realize your aims. This is a dynamic process that will refresh you and let you turn your setbacks into springboards for greater success.


Positive visualization is a powerful, affirming tool that will energize your actions. Everything in the universe is defined by having an opposite – light and darkness, love and hate, warmth and cold. So, when you find yourself visualizing negatively, train your mind to think of the opposite, and visualize positively instead.


Think of the thing you want and your conscious and subconscious mind will begin to bubble over with inspiration on how to reach your destination. Be confident in your ability to find a way to achieve your desire, without tying yourself to a specific way, and push all doubt out of your mind.


Keep the positive image of your desire’s fulfillment clearly at the center of your thoughts. Push away any thoughts of lacking this desired thing or situation (since you would be then visualizing the lack) – and follow your instincts on what you should do next to bring yourself closer to your goal. 


Positive visualization will increase your mental energies, guide you to the best course of action to take (which may well not be the most obvious), and let you make use of all the power of the universal laws of attraction to attain your wishes successfully. The sooner you begin believe in yourself and focus on the positive, the sooner you will begin attract what you want to yourself.


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Hilary Stewardson

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