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Law of Attraction and Quantum Theory

Quantum Manifestation Techniques

How These Two “Laws” Work Together

These two “laws” are very similar; in fact Quantum Theory actually explains how the law of attraction works. Quantum physicists have determined that our universe is entirely composed of vibrating energy, atoms or strands, or simply vibrating nothingness with infinite potential.

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Our Thoughts = Power


Our thoughts, both individual and collective, create what appears to us to be our reality. Anything that we think of is created from this vibrating potential energy. Even our bodies and our furniture, cars, etc. are composed of vibrating energy. The rate of vibration controls what the object is that has been created and what we see and feel. Our thoughts create our reality.


Years ago when I first began reading and studying about the Law of Attraction, I found the idea that my thoughts could be important in what was happening in my life, was difficult to understand. My thoughts!! How can they have any power?


Now that I understand that it’s the vibrations of my thoughts that are affecting what happens in my world, I began to understand the importance of my thoughts in creating my life. However, to accept that my whole body is made up of vibrating thingees – and so is my desk, etc., etc., is truly mind boggling.


I read somewhere, but can’t remember where, the answer to the question: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there does it still make a sound?” The answer given was: “If there is no one there, there wouldn’t be a forest”. The reason being that there would be no vibrating thoughts of a forest for it to be there. No creative vibrations.



Our Potential

So to simplify all this for my mind, I accept that everything is made up of vibrating energy and what appears to be empty space is really vibrating energy with great potential, energy that is waiting for thought waves of energy to create something. It has the potential to create whatever someone (like me or you) has the inspiration to think of, with strong vibrating emotions.


Our thoughts – with strong belief –

can move mountains and stop wars.


Our thoughts create our reality, be it good, bad or indifferent, and each of us is our own creator for our own reality. The happy ending thought to this is: we can control our thoughts. It takes practice and focus but it can be done and each of us can be our own deliberate creator.

Now that’s POWER!

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