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Quantum Manifestion Techniques

Creating My Future Reality

I don’t know about you but my mind is really boggling at trying to comprehend and internalize the information coming to us from the quantum physicists. They tell us that the whole universe is composed of vibrating energy – including us. And the only reason we can touch “solid” things is because they are vibrating at a very slow speed. We are told that our thoughts are dynamic energy waves that go out into the world and create our reality. What we think becomes what we see as our reality. If we learn to control our thoughts we can control our reality as our life unfolds. WOW!Couple on beach.

Ah, how to control our thoughts

I did go to university but “Controlling Your Thoughts 101” was not on the curriculum. I do meditate every day but there are mornings when my mind gets on a concern and plays out a conversation – again and again – and I can’t get it to stop. At those times I just have to give up and plan to meditate later in the day.

Learning To Control Our Thoughts

So how does one go about learning to control our thoughts? I have written down what I desire my future life and circumstances to look like. Now I need to visualize my future life and, very important, feel the emotions I will be feeling as I am experiencing that life…strong, positive, high-vibrating emotions. It is best to do this several times a day.

pileof money2smallAccording to the Abraham-Hicks instructions, each visualizing-emotionalizing session should last at least 68 seconds to have the impact that tells the universal potential energy what I am thinking of and what I wish to co-create with it.

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