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Remote Viewing – Visualization

Photo by Clodius Maximus

Photo by Clodius Maximus

Remote viewing is a psychic skill each of us can learn to do. To be effective it requires you to calm, clear and focus your mind on an object, a person, an event or a spiritual being. This can be in the present time, in the future or the past.

To prepare yourself for learning how to do remote viewing, it is recommended that you first learn and practice the techniques of meditation and visualization. These teach you how to calm your mind and relax your body and provide you with a basis to fully appreciate and experience your remote viewing sessions.

Many people have closed minds regarding the possibility of seeing events or people who are distant  from them. However, in the 1950s the U.S. military began a secret operation using psychics for the purposes of spying and security. They knew the Russians were utilizing these abilities. It was just recently that the military made the public aware of this operation.

Now we want to move from military objectives to spiritual objectives. Some remote viewers have had life-changing experiences. There were healings for some and inner soul communication for others. Others had direct communication with spiritual masters and even with God, or the universal intelligence. Their experiences were deeply moving for them and they reported that it was impossible to truly describe the event and the over-whelming  emotions.

If you wish to learn this skill it is recommended that you acquire books, vidoes and audios teaching the practices of meditation, visualization and remote viewing. Lay the foundation before you begin remote viewing. Your meditation and visualization practices will calm your mind and relax your body. Once you are able to easily go into a state of deep relaxation, then slowly begin to institute remote viewing – your out-of-body adventures. You can train your mind using CDs that utilize binaural beat frequencies. These audio recordings bring your brainwaves into the right frequency for meditation, visualization and remote viewing. They work.Practice and be patient with yourself. The learning of any new skill requires practice and patience. It works better if you do your sessions on a regular schedule. Keep a journal and record each practice – each experience. Take note of buildings, people, dress and color. Some people are even aware of distinctive smells and sounds.

Decide what you want to know from your remote viewing experiences. There are no limitations to your journeys. You can view the past, the present or the future – on this planet, on other planets or other dimensions. You choose.

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