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Remote Viewing

Imagine being able to cast your mental perceptions loose from your immediate surroundings, soaring on the winds of time and space like an eagle, able to observe remote events or people with perfect clarity and safety – even things that happened far away or long ago. This is much like the promise of remote viewing (formerly called extrasensory perception, or ESP), a field whose study was formerly hoarded by Cold War governments but which has now become available to anyone who wishes to gain the benefits of this amazing technique – a technique said to require no natural aptitude beyond that which is found in every human being.

Remote viewing is a mental phenomenon, but not precisely a psychic one, harnessing the power of the human mind to perceive things which would ordinarily be outside the range of human senses. Unlike many psychic talents,remote viewing trainingfollows a regular program of mental training, during which you learn progressively more powerful techniques to open your mind to the information that your subconscious mind is already able to detect, but which the inner “static” of your conscious mind usually blocks out.

When you carry out remote viewing, you deliberately enter a meditative state that is close to sleep, but still aware and awake. This reduces the interference of your ordinary thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, permitting your conscious mind to ‘listen’ to the information that your subconscious mind is continually gathering from the universe around you. It is believed that the subconscious mind is ‘tuned in’ to the energies of the world far better than your conscious mind, and it is this which allows it to sense, or view, information about subjects and events far removed in space and/or time.

This powerful remote viewing technique, then, allows you to harness and ultimately control your subconscious mind’s information-gathering powers, so that you can focus on specific things or people that you wish to see or hear. This type of directed remote view – aimed at an exact point or person chosen by you – is known as “controlled remote viewing.” Information gained during remote viewing is quickly forgotten once the mind returns to its normal “noisy” state, so it is important for a practitioner of this method to either narrate their findings to someone who will note them down, or else take notes as part of the end of each session, before the memory fades.

Although these methods need practice, faith, and perseverance to bring to their full potential, it is clearly evident what a remarkable skill this is, and what opportunities it opens to those who pursue it. Discovering information about events that happened long ago, or things that are far away, is a fascinating exploration in itself. It is an exercise in spiritual wonder at the possibilities of the human mind. And on a more prosaic level, the information you can gain through a proper application of remote viewingcan help or even transform your life. You can see the things you dream about and perhaps gain vital insights into how to obtain them, bringing your positive visualization to an even more dynamic level.

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