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Secret Law of Attraction – Manifesting

Quantum energy physicists have discovered that our whole universe is composed of vibrating energy. Things that appear solid and feel solid to us – including our own bodies – are vibrating at a low vibration. However, our thoughts vibrate at higher vibration and are pure energy.

If our thoughts are happy and joyful, they vibrate at high vibrations. Angry and negative thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency. With low vibrating thoughts/vibrations we attract low vibration experiences – not happy ones. Since our thoughts attract to us what we are thinking about, then to receive what we desire we need to feel happy and vibrate at a higher frequency. If we want to be manifesting money now, we need to be using visualization techniques to build up the vibration, the feeling and excitement of having money now.

In her book “Cosmic Wealth Manifestation” Zoey Knightley clearly explains the scientific basis for how the universal energy responds to our thoughts. We are composed of vibrating energy and our.  thoughts and feelings are also energy. She gives a plan and a formula for us to follow to attract the energy of the universe to bring us our desires. In her program she outlines a procedure which we must follow to place our order with the universe. It includes visualization techniques to keep our desires in our thoughts and especially our feelings and follow up actions…

Keep in mind, we get positive results (our desires) when we emanate positive thoughts and emotions which have high vibration. With negative (low vibration) thoughts and emotions, we bring unwanted negative experiences into our life.

In an easy to understand manner, Zoey shows us how to work with the Law of Attraction. This is not religion or woo-woo stuff, this is a scientific look at how the universe works and how we can work with it to enjoy the life we desire to be living.

Whether you are wanting a fantastic loving relationship, a life filled with abundance, a healthy body, a beautiful home, exciting fun vacations – whatever! I recommend you get this program “Cosmic Ordering Secrets” and live your dream life.

Excellent!! Secrets manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

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