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Spiritual Jujitsu

Oriental fighting techniquesare famous throughout the world, but at first glance, they might appear to have little reference to positive visualization, the achievement of inner peace, or other spiritual practices. But behind the martial art known as jujitsu, there is a philosophical principle which can be used effectively both in everyday life, and in the transformative effects which freeing our mental powers can bring to our lives and destinies.

Jujitsu is, literally, the “art of softness” – a strange name for a combat technique, but also important for understanding its unique approach and the source of its effectiveness. “Softness” is also defined as “yielding” – that is, flowing with your opponent’s moves rather than opposing them, and ultimately using his own energy to defeat him. Opposing force to force can result in the combatant’s injury, while using your own force to exaggerate your opponent’s maneuver can unbalance him, place him at a great disadvantage, or even defeat him. This is the material effect of the jujitsu philosophy. However, it also applies to techniques of releasing our mental energy from its usual constraints so that it guides us to the goal we desire.

We often find ourselves in the midst of circumstances that seem to be thwarting our plans at every turn – we are unable to get ahead, our plans are foiled by simple lack of resources, or circumstances change so that something we were hoping to do or gain suddenly seems to move out of reach. In these situations, circumstances and events themselves have become our opponents, and the natural reaction is to oppose force to force – to try to carry on with our plan exactly as we had intended to begin with, forcing our way through or over any obstacles that have arisen, and becoming angrier and more frustrated as we fail to move closer to our goals despite all our striving.

In this case, though, you are often bringing your mental energy into direct conflict with the mental energy of other people. These are people you usually do not know, and who have no idea that their actions are feeding back into your life and blocking your plans. Indeed, they are usually being washed along on a tide of circumstance themselves, and are in much the same situation you are. But if you try to “push back” against the push of these larger events, you will waste your mental energy in conflict. Conflict is always negative, and negative energy weakens your ability to visualize, stay focused, and find the best way towards your goal.

However, if you apply jujitsu philosophy to your situation, you can see that when circumstance becomes your opponent, you must yield – but shape your yielding in such a way that it will work to your advantage and let you triumph in the end.

Remember that your goal never changes, and circumstances cannot change it. The only thing that changes is the road by which you reach your goal. If you stop fighting circumstance, attune your mental powers to it, accept it, and understand it, then you will begin to master it. Flow with circumstance, rather than against it, and you will begin to instinctively recognize the opportunities that arise along the way for you to change the direction of the ‘flow’ of events in which you are involved. Keep your goal clearly in mind, have every faith that you will reach it, and use your mental energies untiringly, positively, and alertly to find the crucial turning points that will allow you to use circumstances to your advantage – exactly as a jujitsu master uses his enemy’s strength to attain his own victory.

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